Frequently asked questions  

What happens after I make an online purchase?

After receiving a confirmation email of your subscription, you can begin to sign up for your preferred classes. Choose a date, time, and instructor that works for you!
Please note that there are limited spots available for each class. Need help? Click this tutorial to help guide you!

Do I need a membership to join?

YES! For the PURE Pilates monthly subscription classes, you do need a membership. However, for our other programs (workshops, intensives, mentorships) you do not.

What does my membership get me?

The PURE Pilates online membership subscription gives you access to unlimited Classical Pilates classes taught by some of the best instructors from around the world. You’ll get real-time feedback in each express 30-minute class. Choose from over 30 LIVE classes a month!

Are there limited spots available for each class? How many people can join the same class?

Each class can accommodate a maximum of 20 people. We recommend reserving your spot in your chosen class as early as possible.

What happens if I can't join a class I registered for?

Most of the classes will be recorded for future reference. However, we recommend attending all classes LIVE as your instructors will provide you with valuable feedback and guidance. Because you have access to unlimited classes, you can also sign up for another class any time you want!

What if I don’t have any apparatus? Can I still join a class?

All classes are practical, and we always recommend that participants have the necessary equipment to perform the class. Kindly read the class title and description before reserving your spot to ensure you have the necessary equipment beforehand.

Do I need to have my video on during class?

Yes, you MUST have your camera/video on at ALL TIMES during the class. Failure to comply will result in an automatic expulsion from the class without a refund.

Where will the classes be held?

All classes will be held online via Zoom. You will need to download Zoom on your own device to join the class.

What happens if I am running late for a class?

Punctuality is required for our PURE Pilates classes. There will only be a 5-minute allowable window, after which you will not be able to join the class.

What is TPL’s cancellation and refund policy?

Can't find the time to make use of your subscription? You can cancel at any time by sending us an email at Kindly note that no refunds will be available.

 Disclaimer : Automatic Renewal Subscription:

Please be advised that by subscribing to our membership service, you agree to the automatic renewal of your subscription. In the event that you wish to terminate or unsubscribe from the service, it is your responsibility to do so through your account settings or you can send us a message. The company shall not be held liable for any failure to cancel the subscription or for any charges incurred due to the failure to unsubscribe.

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