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The Pilates Link is an online Classical Pilates platform created by instructors, for instructors. 


Connect the Pilates community on a global scale and empower fellow instructors to continue learning and growing.


By providing them with access to premium Classical Pilates classes led by the best master instructors around the world.

We offer the best training

We are a group of passionate individuals who share a deep love for Classical Pilates and aim to keep the original Method alive. We’re looking for like-minded people to join our growing community. Non-Classical instructors are welcome, of course! We strive for quality not quantity at The Pilates Link—a value we carry across all of our class offerings.

How it works

All classes at The Pilates Link stay true to the original Method created by Joseph Pilates. We provide classes for intermediate to advanced levels in various styles to keep you engaged. Both mat and apparatus classes are available in small group sizes to ensure personal attention from our instructors.

To give you freedom and flexibility, we don't require any membership. Simply choose from our wide range of programs on our user-friendly booking system. We also have special packages and collections to enable you to take more classes at a discounted price.


At The Pilates Link, we only hire world-class, well-trained Classical Pilates instructors. Our instructors teach the same classes on the same time slots weekly. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the instructors, and for them to get to know you too. Grow in your practice while building long-lasting relationships at The Pilates Link!

Juliana Lopez Casares

Juliana taught Contemporary Pilates for 7 years before she discovered Classical Pilates in 2016, and then got certified by Real Pilates NY in 2020. She has taught Pilates in Argentina, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand. In April 2020, she founded The Pilates Link to help grow the Pilates community.
Now she is based in Bali, teaching online classes to her long-time clients, and plans to host more annual retreats.
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