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How to build the exercises on the High Chair and Reformer with KATHI ROSS-NASH

 3 month (40 hours) program starting February 23.
 Duration: 90 mins each Workshop | 60 mins Q & A | 60 mins each mentor class
 Price : $2000
 Early Bird Discount : 10% discount valid until January 31 
 Payment Plan : $1000 upfront and 2 installment payments of $400/month (with EXCLUSIVE 10% DISCOUNT valid until January 31 only

*Recordings are available to watch for 7 days.



3 Month



Early Bird
10% OFF


10.30 LA | 1.30pm NY | 6.30pm LDN 

Q & A 
7.30pm NY | 8.30am HK | 11.30am SYD *next day*


7.30pm NY |7.30am HK  | 9.30am SYD *next day* 

Q & A 
10.30am LA | 1.30pm NY | 6.30pm LDN
Lesson Series: HIGH CHAIR

The High Chair

Each week we will review how to do the exercises, body positions and what to look for in alignment.

Building the Foundational Work

We will focus on Building the Foundational Work  (Week One), Core Work (Week Two) and Advanced Work (Week Three).

Red Thread to life

Bring the Red Thread to life with four real life examples of how exercises can not only fix a problem but prevent a problem for ten exercises. 

The Integrated System and Variations of Pilates

The Red Thread of Pilates The Integrated System and Variations of Pilates - The High Chair. The High Chair exercises will be utilized.
Lesson Series: REFORMER

The Reformer

In the reformer workshop we will be utilizing the The Red Thread of Pilates- The Integrated System and Variations of Pilates:

Foundational Reformer book

We will look at variations and applications for those variations.


Why you would use certain variations for certain body types and issues that you often see. 

Support your client

How to support your client to find their proper alignment through guidance and support.

What's included?

How to build the exercises.
The High Chair and Reformer will consist of the following learning Methods:

Workshops with
Kathi Ross Nash

Classes & support
with your Assigned Mentors

Weekly Homework

Access to all recordings for 7 days

Private FB Group for support

Certificate of Participation*
*After completing all the program requirements

Workshop Lessons & Schedules

Mentor Class Schedules

Note: Mentor Class Schedules is subject to CHANGE and will be finalized once slots have been filled.

High Chair: Mentor Classes 

Note : Mentor Class Schedules is subject to CHANGE and will be finalized once slots have been filled.

Reformer: Mentor Classes 

Note : Mentor Class Schedules is subject to CHANGE and will be finalized once slots have been filled.


“My favorite thing in the world is to be able to teach the works I believe in so strongly, as my teachers so generously gave it to me"— Kathi Ross-Nash

Kathi, although introduced to the work at the age of 14, began her Classical Pilates training in 1982 and has had the privilege to study with First Generation teachers Romana Kryzanowska, Lolita San Miguel, Kathy Grant, Sari Mejia Santo, Jay Grimes, and Edwina Fontaine.

She was a Romana’s Pilates Level 2 Trainer. She completed comprehensive training through the Pilates Studio, Romana’s Pilates, Authentic Pilates, and Lolita San Miguel’s PMMP Program. She has been certified by the National Pilates Certification Program and is a Guild Certified Feldenkras Practitioner.

In April 2022, Kathi along with Balanced Body, produced and launched the KRN Pilates-The Red Thread Method App. A one-of-a-kind application, which puts the Red Thread Method in the palm of your hand.

Frequently asked questions

How many workshops will Kathi be teaching?

Kathi will be teaching six workshops of 90 minutes each and will be holding two 60-minute Q&A sessions.

Where will the classes be held?

All classes and workshops will be held online via Zoom. You will need to download the Zoom app on your own device to join the classes/workshops.

How will I know my assigned mentor?

Upon registration, you will be asked to provide your country of residence. A mentor will be assigned to you according to your time zone. You will receive an email from info@thepilateslink.net with the name of your assigned mentor.

How does the payment work?

Payment will be taken in three installments. The first installment (50%) will be paid upon registration. The second and third installments (25%) will be automatically billed to your credit card a month after initial payment.

What if I don’t have any apparatus? Can I still join a class?

All workshops with Kathi have a practical component, where you will only need a mat. However, you will NEED access to different apparatus to complete the homework.

Do I need a membership to join?

No. The program is open to all Pilates instructors with classical Pilates knowledge.

Do I need to have my video on during class?

Yes, you MUST have your camera/video on at ALL TIMES during the class. Failure to comply will result in an automatic expulsion from the class without a refund

What happens if I can’t join the class live?

Recordings will be available to everyone with expiry after seven days. You will also NEED to attend and participate in the Q&A sessions if you have missed any live sessions to earn a certificate at the end of the program.

What is TPL’s cancellation policy?

We have a two-week cancellation policy.  

What happens if I am running late for a class?

Punctuality is required for our classes and workshops. There will only be a 10-minute allowable window, after which you will not be able to join the class/workshop.

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