How Pilates Changed Sole Uriarte's Life

  May 22, 2023 | Chinny Daez

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At the young age of 12 years old, Soledad Uriarte was diagnosed with mild scoliosis. She didn't mind it much at that time and even got into track and field and running when she was a teen. However, by the time she became 18 years old, she was starting to feel some discomfort.

She went to multiple doctors to see what could be done and was recommended surgery – which both Sole and her mother were against – and physiotherapy. A few physical therapy sessions did little to ease Sole's pain, and after consulting multiple doctors and chiropractors, Sole was resigned to live the rest of her life with constant pain in her back.

"Everything felt so compressed and twisted, and I could actually feel things twisting in my body. It was really, really uncomfortable."

In the next couple of years, Sole learned how to cope and live with her scoliosis. The mild yet consistent pain became routine until she became pregnant with her first child. Sole was 27 years old at that time, and her first pregnancy was extremely uncomfortable.

"Pregnancy and scoliosis are not very good friends because your growing belly compresses everything even more. My first pregnancy experience was very, very painful."

At that point, all Sole wanted to do was find something – anything – to ease her pain. She tried everything like physical therapy, chiropractic sessions, and yoga in her search for pain relief. But it wasn't until she moved back to Argentina and found a Pilates studio near her home that she tried Pilates.

From that moment on, there was no going back. Sole had found her new love. Not just a relief from the pain she had been experiencing for years, but a love of the classical Pilates Method. What started out as a couple of weekly sessions became her journey for certification and her current teaching path.

"I fell in love with it. Scoliosis apart, I fell in love with the Method. I just started going two times a week, three times a week, and I got to a point where I could not stop doing Pilates. The pain went away, my body felt so much better."

When her second pregnancy came about, it was an entirely different experience. Sole didn't stop practicing Pilates until two weeks before she gave birth, saying it was an entirely different experience from her first pregnancy, where she felt so much more energy and no pain.

Recently, Sole had to get an x-ray for her health insurance, and the results shocked her. "Everyone always said that there's no going back from scoliosis and that there's nothing you can do to reverse the curvature," she said.

And while everybody is different and every case is different, Sole says that Pilates shouldn't be the last option or the last resource, it should be the first one. "I never had a doctor tell me about Pilates before. They would just mention surgery and physiotherapy, that's it. I wish someone had told me this when I was 14 years old."

But if you're thinking that Pilates is the end-all solution to scoliosis, it doesn't work like magic either. It takes years of consistent practice and a commitment to heal yourself. However, as Sole has experienced, her efforts have truly yielded wondrous results.

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