Contrology (by Balanced Body, Inc.)

Contrology Apparatus Maintenance

There's nothing more exciting than the sound of a delivery truck pulling up with your latest Pilates apparatus acquisition. Once parked, the driver carefully unloads your new toy as you jump up and down excitedly. He looks at you, puzzled, wondering what's in the box and why you're so excited.

You manage to get the box inside and begin to open it up, carefully accounting for each component of your amazing new Contrology reformer. Frame? Check. Carriage? Check. Springs? Check. And so on… As soon as you have assembled your amazing new toy, you jump on for a test drive… And with the same excitement that a new car brings you, with its "new car smell," you fall in love.

As with any relationship, your Pilates apparatus needs care and attention. The good news is that Contrology by Balanced Body is known for its quality and reliability. Your new love will serve you for years if you give it the care it needs.

For your apparatus to provide the best user experience and last for years, it needs a little TLC. A simple way to ensure that your equipment is getting the care it needs is by setting up a monthly maintenance schedule and sticking to it. Create a plan for your monthly reviews and record everything that you do. Things that need particular care are springs, wheels, and fasteners/hooks. Let's take a moment to review them all and the best way to ensure they are in good working order.


There are a few things to look out for with springs. Look for things that don't look uniform, such as:

  • A kink in the coils
  • Coils that don't open evenly when extended.
  • A gap in the coils, when not in use
  • A wave in the coils

If you see any of the above-listed things, it's time to replace your springs. As a rule, replacing springs every two years, or sooner, should you see any of the above-listed issues, is wise. You can find Contrology springs here:


There are two types of reformer wheels to be aware of. One set is the four wheels you ride on, the rolling wheels. Think of these as the four wheels of your car. However, in this case, they are the wheels of the carriage. They should spin smoothly, without bumps or additional noise. However, you can oil them if they sound noisy or the ride feels rough. The side wheels are pre-oiled at Balanced Body. You shouldn't need to oil them. However, if you think they are the cause of the noise, you can oil them, as well. Here are instructions on how to oil your Contrology rolling or side wheels.


While we love our double-ended clips and other fasteners, we must keep an eye on them. Always make sure that they close completely. If they don't open and close easily, it's time to replace them. Luckily, you can find double-ended and other clips at any hardware store.

With proper care, your Contrology apparatus will provide you with years of enjoyment. Should you have any questions or concerns about Contrology apparatus, please do not hesitate to contact us at
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