A Conversation with Mauricio Gasperi: Pilates Through the Eyes of a Doctor, Student & Father

Sep 27 / Chinny Daez

Many Pilates instructors first encounter Pilates and experience it as a student. You may have tried a free class and fell in love at first exercise or you may have witnessed the many benefits of Pilates first-hand. But have you ever wondered how people outside of that perspective look at Pilates?

Introducing Mauricio Gasperi

A distinguished Endocrinologist and Geriatrician born in 1952, Mauricio Gasperi brings a lifetime of healing and innovation to the world of medicine. With nearly three decades of academic excellence under his belt, including roles such as Deputy Director of the Medicine Department and Director of the Postgraduate School of Sports Medicine, his illustrious career spans from Pisa University to the University of Molise.

His retirement in November 2022 marked the transition to a new chapter as a consultant. He offered his expertise to public community hospitals and private healthcare settings, was invited as a speaker to numerous events, and is a prolific co-author with over 100 indexed papers.

Beyond his prolific work and plentiful contributions, Mauricio is also the proud father of one of The Pilates Link’s beloved master instructors, Gloria Gasperi. Keep scrolling to read his wonderful insights, personal journey with Pilates, and valuable advice for instructors and students.

Discovering Pilates

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Pilates had not really been on Mauricio’s radar, until one fateful day in Boston. That day was the beginning of it all!

“I first heard of Pilates more than 20 years ago. I was visiting Boston for a medical convention and I brought along my daughter. She was very young, keen on fitness, and it was her first time to experience a trial lesson in Pilates.”

Connecting Pilates with Professional Expertise

As an endocrinologist and geriatrician, Mauricio’s expertise mainly involved preventing, managing, and developing care plans to navigate one’s health.

“I am now mainly involved in ensuring that my patients have a successful aging process, this involves plans for my patients’ lifestyles and prevention of health deterrents. I want them to age smoothly, painlessly, etc.”

When asked if he had any doctor’s advice to share, Mauricio said:

“I like to tell people to be aware that Pilates can be very helpful in healing. However, it can also be taught and practiced carelessly.”

Mauricio cautions both instructors and enthusiasts to ensure you choose your instructors carefully. Be sure to not overdo your practice and to listen to your body.

Personal Pilates Journey

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Having a renowned master instructor as his daughter comes with a few perks, if one could call it that.

“I am very proud of her. But besides that, I am also learning from her. It is great to also broaden my horizons and find new ways to address my patients’ problems.”

Mauricio’s favorite apparatus is the Cadillac. He especially enjoys the half and full hanging exercises.

“It is wonderful at the end of the session. You can somehow feel your body gently become ‘smoother’.”

When asked if Gloria was ever tough on him during her classes, he says:

“Every time I join her classes, I feel like she has disassembled and reassembled me, in her sweet yet tough way.”

If you haven’t experienced Gloria’s signature teaching style, you are missing out! View her list of upcoming mentorships and intensives here.

Doctor-Approved Benefits

Besides his medical expertise, Mauricio has experienced the benefits of Pilates for himself. He shares his favorite things about the Method:

“In general, it helps to maintain my body as a whole. Plus it also helps improve my golf swing! I like that Pilates is a complete discipline. You take care of yourself – your body and soul.”

He also points this out in some of the classes he teaches with Gloria.

You’ve recently been teaching in some of Gloria’s workshops. Can you give us a few insights into the points you discuss and some of the best tips for instructors?

“I’ve addressed bones, muscles, joints, the nervous, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems. However, I stress as much as possible that our bodies must be considered as a whole, and everything works in a coordinated manner. I advise Pilates instructors to not only focus on the technical aspects of the Method but to always consider Pilates as a holistic approach to the body and mind.”

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